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Landowners should always address hazardous conditions

Halloween has come and gone, but kids throughout the Charleston area are likely still enjoying the sweet spoils of their trick-or-treating efforts. Halloween is one occasion when people open up their homes -- or at least their front door -- to strangers. Likewise, many local businesses get in on the fun and use popular events like Halloween to get customers in the door.

One thing that all property owners must consider before inviting people onto the premises is safety. While this is true on any day of the year, safety is especially important on days like Halloween when property owners are expecting more visitors than normal.

In places like bars, restaurants or even retail stores, the landowner or business owner has a responsibility to maintain the premises. Hazardous conditions like inadequate lighting and uneven walking surfaces can cause a plethora of dangers for people on the property. Although issues like this may be minor, they can lead to major problems if the owner does nothing to address them.

Under West Virginia law, invited guests or customers on someone else's property are entitled to rely on the owner's care in keeping the property safe. Our law firm understands that some property owners shirk their responsibility when it comes to keeping their visitors safe.

Whether a person suffers a serious injury from a slip-and-fall accident or gets hurt due to some other property condition, they may have legal rights against the landowner or business proprietor. We understand how to move these cases forward so that you can collect compensation for your injuries on move on with life.

Neither Halloween nor any other event is reason for a property owner to lose sight of the importance of looking out for the safety of people on their land.

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