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Drunk drivers are still a risk to others on the road

Texting and driving has been a very popular topic in the media during the past year or so. Reports of fatal accidents involving texting and driving are common in the news. Likewise, in states like West Virginia, lawmakers have touted the legislation that they have passed in an effort to curb this dangerous, yet still common, practice.

Despite the focus on texting and driving, other dangerous driving practices are still prevalent. Among them, drinking and driving is a considerable problem throughout the country.

Under West Virginia law, a person cannot legally drive a vehicle if his or her blood alcohol content exceeds 0.08 percent. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is legal for a person to drive when his or her blood alcohol concentration is below 0.08 percent. Any time that a person is impaired by alcohol, he or she cannot legally drive. This is true, regardless of the driver's blood alcohol concentration.

Drunk drivers are a risk to themselves and to the safety of everyone else on the road. West Virginia law has little tolerance for drunk driving and these laws impose serious criminal penalties on people who violate the law. Moreover, victims of drunk driving accidents may be eligible to take legal action against the driver who caused the accident. Likewise, in the event of a fatal accident, the victim's family or personal representative can seek compensation against the driver.

Operating a motor vehicle is dangerous enough without the additional problems that arise when a driver is intoxicated. Victims of auto accidents that involve an impaired driver should understand their legal options for holding the driver accountable. All drivers in West Virginia have a responsibility to look out for the safety of other people on the roadways.

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