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Despite risks of car accidents, people still text and drive

Certain kinds of risks are an unavoidable part of everyday life. Most of these risks, like relying on the cleanliness and safety of food at a restaurant or grocery store, are acceptable because they come with only minimal consequences. By contrast, some risks in life come with severe consequences, but also can be easily avoided.

One such risk that is unnecessary, avoidable and extremely dangerous is texting while driving. In many states, including West Virginia, texting and driving is illegal. In addition, most drivers are well aware that texting and driving is foolish and dangerous. Regardless of the dangers, however, people in West Virginia, and all throughout the country, continue to text and drive.

According to a recent survey sponsored by the phone company AT&T, roughly 75 percent of respondents said that they text and drive. In the same survey, a whopping 98 percent of those who responded said that they understood the risks of texting while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. The survey, which included slightly more than 1,000 participants across the country, is part of AT&T's campaign against texting and driving.

People offer a variety of reasons as to why they think that it is okay for them to use their cellular phone while driving. But no phone call or text message is ever worth the risk of causing a fatal accident.

Just like speeding or disobeying any other traffic law, texting and driving increases the driver's chances of causing an accident. When a negligent act like this does lead to an accident, the driver will have legal liability for damages to other people and their vehicles.

The recent AT&T survey shows that almost all people understand that texting and driving is dangerous. Now, drivers just need to have the good sense to stop engaging in this kind of risky behavior.

Source: WVVA, "New study: 75 percent of drivers admit to texting behind the wheel," Nov. 5, 2014

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