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Small step for man, giant leap for spinal cord injury victims

West Virginians may have read the recent news headlines that captured the story of a man who suffered a terrible spinal cord injury in 2007. Following the injury, the man was a paraplegic and his doctors gave him no chance of walking. Thanks to a medical breakthrough, however, the man has now defied those prognostications and has been able to take his first steps since his injury.

Surgeons in Poland and British scientists discovered that they could use cells from a person's nose to help regenerate the spinal cord. Doctors successfully performed that procedure on the man in this case and he is starting to get feeling back in some parts of his body. With the help of a supportive frame, the man can walk again.

Medical breakthroughs like this are a tremendous achievement. One researcher even compared the scientific discovery to man's first walk on the moon.

This exciting medical news should give hope to people all over the world who suffer paralysis due to spinal cord injuries. It shows that the medical community truly is making strides toward helping victims of this difficult type of injury. However, there are no magic cures for spinal cord injury. Despite all the scientific advancements, it is still a life-changing type of injury that comes with permanent disability and requires long-term medical care.

The costs of living with a traumatic injury are extreme. Basic medical expenses alone are enough to bankrupt the victim. On top of that, the victim may have difficulty earning the same amount of income as before the injury.

When a traumatic injury is the result of an accident caused by someone else's negligence, the victim should pursue all available legal remedies to help them get the compensation that he or she needs.

Source: Communities Digital News, "Nasal cells bring major breakthrough for spinal cord injuries," Paul Mountjoy, Oct. 21, 2014

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