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Charleston has fair share of trucks, and accidents

Charleston, West Virginia offers its residents and visitors many of the opportunities and amenities that are common in many other state capitals throughout the country. At the same time, Charleston is an industrial center that produces energy and timber, among many other important products. Accordingly, coal trucks, 18-wheeler logging trucks and a wide variety of heavy equipment are common on Charleston's local and interstate roadways.

The constant presence of large trucks and machinery is not an inherently bad thing. But, driving a car next to one of these imposing vehicles can be a daunting task. Most drivers like to avoid traveling next to big rig trucks. They typically accomplish this by passing trucks or at least keeping a substantial distance between their vehicle and the truck. Sometimes, however, driving next to one of these larger vehicles is unavoidable. This should not pose a problem, as long as both drivers use appropriate caution.

Safety should always be the top priority of any driver. But, it is especially important for truck drivers because their enormous size means that accidents often come with horrific consequences.

Although truck drivers are required to have special training and licensing, they are still prone to many of the bad habits that are prevalent amongst drivers of any other vehicle. For example, truck drivers can get distracted by their cellular phones, radio communication with their dispatchers or eating while driving. In addition, truck driver fatigue is an all too common problem because truckers are usually trying to move their cargo long distances in as little time as possible.

Our firm understands that a collision with a semi-truck is usually a life-changing event for the people in the smaller vehicle. We have years of experience in fighting for people who have become victims of a negligent driver or trucking company. If you or a loved one have suffered from a truck accident, do not hesitate to research your legal options by contacting an experienced member of our team.

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