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October 2014 Archives

Small step for man, giant leap for spinal cord injury victims

West Virginians may have read the recent news headlines that captured the story of a man who suffered a terrible spinal cord injury in 2007. Following the injury, the man was a paraplegic and his doctors gave him no chance of walking. Thanks to a medical breakthrough, however, the man has now defied those prognostications and has been able to take his first steps since his injury.

Fatal workplace accidents up slightly in West Virginia

Some people are more prone to accidents than others, but almost everyone experiences some kind of accident from time to time. Whether an accident occurs at home, on the roadways or at work, most accidents do not end with fatalities. Occasionally, however, an accident does result in death, and many times those fatal accidents are preventable.

Charleston has fair share of trucks, and accidents

Charleston, West Virginia offers its residents and visitors many of the opportunities and amenities that are common in many other state capitals throughout the country. At the same time, Charleston is an industrial center that produces energy and timber, among many other important products. Accordingly, coal trucks, 18-wheeler logging trucks and a wide variety of heavy equipment are common on Charleston's local and interstate roadways.

What are the real costs of car accidents?

Anyone in West Virginia who drives a car, SUV or other vehicle knows they have some risk of getting into an accident. Of course, people can reduce those risks by always putting safety first and adhering to all traffic laws. On the other hand, even the safest of drivers may still end up in an accident caused by a negligent driver.

Famous comedian's death could result in wrongful death claim

Most people in the Charleston area have probably heard about the recent death of Joan Rivers. The 81-year-old comedian, fashion critic and television personality became an entertainment icon during her decades of performances and public appearances. Just a few weeks ago, Rivers died after going to a medical clinic for what was supposed to have been a routine procedure.

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