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September 2014 Archives

Spinal cord injuries are extremely costly

Each year, the medical community in West Virginia, and in every other part of the country, makes advancements in all kinds of different areas of medicine that ultimately help people with their health. From finding new treatments for diseases, to deploying better software for keeping personal medical records, almost everyone in the medical field strives to find ways to make life better for other people.

Why are federal trucking regulations important in West Virginia?

Driving a commercial vehicle, like a big rig truck, comes with substantial responsibilities. Accordingly, the federal and state governments have passed various pieces of legislation that regulate the operation of these vehicles. For example, federal standards limit the size and weight of these trucks. This is why West Virginia has weighing stations on its highways. But what about other regulations, why are they important?

Property owners should keep visitors safe

Every year, millions of people in the Unites States suffer some kind of injury while they are on someone else's property. For example, slip-and-fall accidents are a common problem in grocery stores, restaurants and other types of retail establishments. Property conditions like inadequate lighting or a wet floor often contribute to these kinds of accidents. But, in many cases, the property owner or business operator could have done something to make the area safer and to prevent the accident.

Steps to follow before and after a car accident

Just like every other city in the country, car accidents are common in and around the Charleston area. Even a person that drives cautiously and follows all of the traffic laws can end up in an accident caused by a negligent driver. While most people understand that being in a car accident is a possibility, few of them think about what they would need to do immediately after an accident.

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