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Mother files wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her son

Some jobs involve more danger than others, but nobody in West Virginia goes to work expecting to die while on the job. When this does happen, the family members of the deceased are left to deal with the emotional reality of unexpectedly losing their loved one. People in this awful position usually seek answers to the many questions surrounding their loss.

Recently, a West Virginia woman filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her son, who died while on the job roughly two years ago. The woman's son was an electrician and he was working at a Holiday Inn Express at the time of his death.

The man was installing lights in a canopy at the front entrance to the building when it collapsed. The canopy was about 15 feet high, and the electrician was inside of it because he could not get access to install the lights from below the ceiling of the canopy. Unfortunately, the canopy collapsed and he plunged to the ground.

In her lawsuit, the victim's mother, who is the executor of her son's estate, asserted that the construction company that built the canopy should have constructed it to accommodate later workers who would make installations. She claims that the company's negligence caused her son pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of his life and ultimately, death.

Like any wrongful death action, the woman in this case is suing on behalf of her son's estate. Thus, if she is successful, the estate will collect on any judgment, which the executor will then distribute from the estate to any legal beneficiaries.

When a person suffers injury, or even death, due to someone else's negligence, the victim or his or her family should understand the legal options for recovering compensation against the negligent party.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Woman says negligent construction caused son's injuries, death," April Bamburg, Aug. 22, 2014

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Woman says negligent construction caused son's injuries, death," April Bamburg, Aug. 22, 2014

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