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Man files suit following truck accident

Anytime that a truck is involved in an accident with a car or SUV, the people in that smaller vehicle are likely to suffer serious injuries and damage to their vehicle. This is especially true if the accident is a head-on collision. However, any type of collision with such a large, heavy, vehicle is bound to cause substantial damages.

A man recently filed a lawsuit in West Virginia in which he claims that he was involved in an accident with a truck owned by a pipeline construction company. The man is suing General Pipeline Construction Inc., which is based in West Virginia, for damages related to the accident.

In his lawsuit, the man alleges that he was driving his vehicle when the truck driver steered the truck left of the center line. He claims that this caused the truck to collide with his vehicle, which resulted in the man's severe and permanent injuries.

Like this case, victims of truck accidents can sometimes pursue legal action against the truck driver and the truck company. If the truck driver was operating the vehicle negligently, the truck company may be responsible for the damages. Both the driver and the company have an obligation to operate their trucks safely.

Driving a large vehicle, like a construction supply truck, comes with responsibilities. Other people sharing the roadways with these truckers should not have to worry about suffering harm due to negligence by truck drivers or their employers.

Trucks like the one in this case serve essential functions in West Virginia and all throughout the country. But serving those functions cannot come at the cost of harming, or even killing, other people.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Accident results in lawsuit against construction company," Matt Russell, July 22, 2014

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