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June 2014 Archives

Recent truck accident triggers many questions

People in West Virginia have probably heard about the horrific truck accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan. The star television actor and stand-up comedian was returning home from a performance at a comedy show when a truck crashed into his van. Morgan was in critical condition following the accident, and another comedian who was riding with him was killed in the accident. In addition, other passengers were also seriously hurt.

Expert files chilling wrongful death lawsuit

Many of West Virginia's roads and highways are lined with guardrails that are supposed to stop vehicles from traveling off the roadway. In other words, guardrails are meant to be safety features that help prevent fatal accidents. However, one man has been on a tireless mission to expose the hidden dangers of many of these guardrails that are prevalent all throughout the nation's roadways.

West Virginia mulls license re-testing for older drivers

In West Virginia, senior citizens who want to renew their driver's license need only to pass a vision test. Unlike laws in 32 other states, West Virginia does not require any special testing for people to renew their licenses after reaching a certain age. The communications director for the state's Division of Motor Vehicles explained that the state does not discriminate based upon age.

Logging truck narrowly misses crash with fuel tanker

In West Virginia most drivers are probably accustomed to sharing the roads with big trucks hauling massive loads of materials. For example, logging trucks and coal trucks are common throughout the state. While these trucks serve an important function, they can also cause tremendous accidents involving serious injuries and extensive property damage.

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