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Two suffer spinal cord injuries in harrowing performance

Most workers in West Virginia understand the possibilities of a workplace accident. The state's vast number of coal mines are, by themselves, the backdrop for far too many injuries in the workplace.

Despite the inherent dangers of some jobs, all workers should be able to rely upon appropriate safety practices and fully functioning equipment. This is true regardless of whether a person is working on a construction site, operating machinery on a manufacturing line or even working in an office building.

Recently, a frightening circus accident resulted in spinal cord injuries to two of the performers. The performers were part of a group act in which eight women were dangling from a metal frame, 30 feet above the floor of the arena. All of the performers crashed to the floor when a piece of the metal contraption failed. They all suffered injuries, some more serious than others.

The surgeon who operated on the women with the spinal cord injuries was uncertain about their recoveries. He was hopeful that they would make some progress, but cautiously explained that the end result was unclear.

Circus performers are famous for their ability to take on harrowing stunts while suspended high in the air. But, this does not mean that they take reckless risks. Acts like the one in this case depend upon the structural integrity of their safety equipment. When the equipment fails, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic.

The accident victims from this incident may be facing permanent disability and the need for long-term medical care. Spinal cord injuries are often life-altering and lead to tremendous medical expenses. Accordingly, anyone who suffers this kind of injury due to someone else's negligence should look into their legal options for recovering compensation.

Source: NBC News, "Circus Accident Leaves Two Acrobats With Spinal Cord Injuries," Tracy Connor, May 7, 2014

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