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Slip-and-fall accidents are no laughing matter

Some people tend to diminish the possibility of suffering serious injuries from slipping and falling. In fact, news of some slip-and-fall accidents, like ones involving actors, singers or even U.S. presidents, spread rapidly and become the source of comic relief in the media. However, for the victims of these accidents, they are often no laughing matter.

In a recent West Virginia case, the administrator of a woman's estate filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the deceased woman. The lawsuit alleges that the deceased woman slipped and fell on a piece of concrete outside of a Wal-Mart store in West Virginia. The filing goes on to state that as a result of the accident, the woman suffered injuries. Her estate is seeking $50,000 for medical expenses and other damages.

Under West Virginia law, property owners have certain obligations to protect people on the property from getting hurt. When the property is a retail store, like the one in this case, store owners must periodically check the store and surrounding parking lot for any hazardous conditions.

For example, a wet floor can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. This means that the store owners and employees must be sure to clean up any standing water, or to at least put up warning signs so that customers know about the danger. In this case, some kind of defect on the concrete may have been the culprit behind the woman's fall.

When a person in West Virginia suffers a personal injury while on someone else's property, they may want to look into their legal options for recovering injury-related compensation. A trip to the grocery store should not have to end with injuries and expensive medical bills.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Woman's estate files slip-and-fall suit against Wal-Mart," Whitney Brakken, May 13, 2014

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