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May 2014 Archives

Slip-and-fall accidents are no laughing matter

Some people tend to diminish the possibility of suffering serious injuries from slipping and falling. In fact, news of some slip-and-fall accidents, like ones involving actors, singers or even U.S. presidents, spread rapidly and become the source of comic relief in the media. However, for the victims of these accidents, they are often no laughing matter.

Two suffer spinal cord injuries in harrowing performance

Most workers in West Virginia understand the possibilities of a workplace accident. The state's vast number of coal mines are, by themselves, the backdrop for far too many injuries in the workplace.

Hotel owner may have liability for car accident damages

Every driver has a responsibility to look out for the safety of other people on the roadways. In many instances, car accidents are a result of a person dividing their attention between driving and some other activity like texting, talking to passengers or eating. In addition, speeding and failing to obey traffic signs or signals are also common causes of car accidents.

Medical malpractice a huge problem across the U.S.

Every year, far too many Americans, including many in West Virginia, die due to medical mistakes. According to a report that U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's office recently released, medical error causes 325,000 deaths per year in the country's hospitals. That frightening statistic means that only heart disease and cancer cause more deaths each year than medical errors.

Tragic truck accident leaves 10 dead

In West Virginia, and all throughout the country, trucks are a common method of transporting large quantities of goods. Because of the size and weight of many trucks, drivers need special training and licensing before they can get behind the wheel of a big rig. In addition, various federal regulations are aimed at making trucking as safe as possible.

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