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April 2014 Archives

States get serious about stopping texting and driving

Distracted drivers are a danger to everyone on West Virginia's roadways, including themselves. An official government website reported that in 2012 alone, more than 3,000 people died nationwide as result of car accidents involving a distracted driver. Moreover, the same website shows a staggering figure that roughly 421,000 people suffered injuries due to distracted driving.

Shelving collapse in retail store causes injuries

When West Virginia residents go into a retail store to shop, they probably do not expect to encounter any personal safety issues. But, hazardous conditions in the building can lead to an accident, which could then result in serious injury to anyone in the store. A recent incident at a discount store in New York shows just how something like this can occur.

Regulators want change following fatal accidents at cell towers

Many workers in West Virginia face difficult and dangerous working environments on a daily basis. While some dangers are inherent to certain types of work, employers have an obligation to take reasonable measures to mitigate these dangers. In some industries, like construction or mining, state or federal regulations dictate the kinds of safety procedures that employers and employees must follow while on the job.

Auto accidents can result in spinal cord injuries

Automobile accidents can result in a variety of problems including neck and back injuries. In many cases, accident victims feel back or neck discomfort immediately. However, the full extent of those injuries may not be apparent immediately following the accident.

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