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Victim suffers brain injury in car accident

Americans are so accustomed to driving around from place to place in their cars that they can easily forget just how dangerous that driving can be. Car accidents are often a result of a negligent driver. Whether a driver is distracted, driving too fast or failing to obey traffic signs and signals, negligence behind the wheel of an automobile can be deadly. In addition, cars themselves can malfunction or cause other problems that lead to serious car accidents.

Recently, a man was involved in a car accident in West Virginia that left him with a brain injury. The man was driving on Interstate-79, which begins just northeast of Charleston, when a tire flew off of a truck that was driving nearby. The tire crashed through the man's windshield and into the car. Emergency responders airlifted the man to a hospital.

As bad as this accident was, it could have been even worse. The man's wife was sitting in the front passenger seat at the time the tire flew through their windshield. She managed to react quickly and guide the car safely to the side of the road. One woman who was driving in the area praised the victim's wife for acting so swiftly and making sure that their car did not hit other vehicles.

The victim was in critical condition following the accident and he has a brain injury and broken bones. However, his wife has said that he is responsive and progressing.

This accident is an unfortunate reminder of how a person can get hurt while driving, even if they are paying attention and driving carefully. The truck driver may have been able to prevent this accident by properly securing the tire that flew off and caused the accident. If this is the case, the injured victim will be entitled to recover monetary damages to cover his medical expenses and other bills related to the accident.

Source: CTV News, "Wellington County man seriously hurt after crash in West Virginia," March 1, 2014

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