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January 2014 Archives

Mining company sued over accidental death of worker

West Virginia is home to many underground and surface coal mines. Although mining has always been a dangerous business, a combination of improved technology and better safety practices has made it safer over the years. Of course, even the best safety practices are doomed to fail if the company does not enforce them and the workers do not abide by them.

Study links sleep disorder to spinal cord injuries

Many West Virginians know what it is like to experience aches and pains in their back. In fact, data from the Mayo Clinic suggests that roughly 80% of all Americans suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. While everyday life may contribute to back pain, in one form or another, some people suffer devastating accidents that lead to serious spinal cord injuries.

Customer sues local gas station following slip-and-fall accident

In states like West Virginia, the winter months typically bring some snowfall and freezing temperatures. That kind of weather makes for poor driving conditions, but it also results in slippery sidewalks, stairs and other walking surfaces.

Dangerous conditions lead to car accidents in Charleston

Winter weather has struck hard in many parts of the country including West Virginia. Freezing temperatures combined with snow and ice make for difficult and dangerous driving conditions. Although crews of workers respond to the weather with plows and salt mixtures, it is usually impossible for them to eliminate all slippery substances from the roads.

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