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Truck accident leaves two women with serious injuries

Any time an accident involves a truck and a smaller vehicle, the smaller vehicle is more likely to take the brunt of the damage from the accident. This is for the simple reason that trucks are much bigger and heavier than other vehicles like cars or SUVs. Because trucks can be so dangerous, drivers of large trucks like 18-wheelers must have appropriate training and get a specialized driver's license.

Truck drivers must operate their vehicles in such a way as to avoid causing foreseeable risks of harm to others on the road. Likewise, all drivers in West Virginia should operate their vehicles with safety for themselves and others as a priority. It only takes a split second lapse of attention to cause a dangerous accident.

Recently, two women suffered serious injuries in an accident in Cheylan, less than 20 miles down the Kanawha River from Charleston. Police say that the women were pulling their car out of a store parking lot when a coal truck slammed into their car. Emergency responders had to cut the women out the car. Apparently the accident caused their car to hit a telephone pole, which led to them being trapped in the car. Rescuers took both women to the hospital, and they were in serious condition.

According to an initial investigation by the state police, the coal truck was not speeding at the time of the accident. However, this may not tell the whole story of what happened, and a further investigation could reveal other important facts that led to the accident.

Truck accidents are all too common in West Virginia. When a collision is caused by the truck driver, victims in the other vehicles may have legal rights against the driver and possibly the truck company that employs the driver.

Similarly, in some situations, trucks like coal trucks have a tendency to spray debris across the roadway that can impair the visibility and safety of other drivers. When these types of situations cause damages or injuries to others, they may be entitled to compensation.

All vehicles on the road can be dangerous. However, trucks pose unique dangers and all truck drivers and truck companies have an obligation to mitigate those dangers through safety procedures and careful driving.

Source: WOWKTV, "Accident involving coal truck and passenger vehicle reported in Cheylan, WV; two transported to hospital," Dec. 4, 2013

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