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October 2013 Archives

Charleston car accident kills pedestrian

In Charleston, just like any other city in the country, some streets and intersections tend to be more dangerous than others. Regardless of the street or highway in question, however, every driver has the same obligation to drive with care to avoid injuring other people on the road.

Property owner may face questions about hazardous conditions

Hazardous conditions in any building can lead to serious injuries and even death. These risks are multiplied when the building is a public place like a retail or grocery store. Slip and fall accidents and injuries from dangerous objects are not uncommon in and around buildings in Charleston or any other city. It is uncommon, however, for an entire building to collapse.

West Virginia facility named in wrongful death lawsuit

Rehabilitation centers around the country, including ones in West Virginia, usually offer skilled doctors, nurses and physical therapists. Their primary purpose should always be to help patients recover and reclaim the lives they had before they became sick or injured. Just like a hospital or any other medical treatment facility, negligence amongst the staff at a rehabilitation center can have severe consequences.

High court rules on man's spinal cord injury claim

An injury from a workplace accident can happen suddenly or it can occur over time. In addition, injuries that arise from certain conditions in the workplace sometimes take years to develop. When it comes to receiving monetary compensation, the injured worker has limited time to take legal action. Accordingly, workers should begin exploring their legal options as soon as they are aware that they have sustained an injury.

Man claims serious injuries following truck accident

Many people try to avoid driving near large trucks on West Virginia's roads and highways. While most truck drivers must have special training and a commercial driver's license, large trucks are simply not as easy to control and maneuver as are smaller vehicles. Moreover, other drivers should understand that truck accidents often lead to serious injuries or even death, due to the truck's immense size and weight.

West Virginia car accident demonstrates many dangers on the road

Driving across West Virginia can be a beautiful experience, especially now as the local trees begin to change colors into fall. With many drivers taking to the roads to witness the enchantment of nature, some may lose track of just what might be in front of them on the roads.

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