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Woman sues after slip-and-fall accident at West Virginia store

Slip-and-fall accidents are all too common in West Virginia and all throughout the country. According to the National Safety Council, these accidents lead to nearly 9 million hospital emergency room visits each year. While older adults are at a greater risk, a slip-and-fall accident can happen to people of any age. Uneven walking surfaces or loose impediments on the floor are common causes of slips-and-falls.

A West Virginia woman recently filed a lawsuit claiming that she slipped and fell in the parking lot of a CVS store. In her lawsuit against CVS of West Virginia Inc., the woman claims that she fell as a result of gravel rocks that were on the store's parking lot. In addition, she alleges that the fall left her with serious injuries.

Slip-and-fall injuries often occur at stores like CVS because of a wet floor or some other slippery substance on the floor. Accordingly, store owners and employees have an obligation to regularly check the floors and remove the dangerous condition or at least warn customers of it.

Similar to slippery flooring, this lawsuit shows that property owners or business occupants must take care of the conditions outside of the store. Dangerous conditions in a parking lot can give rise to a premises liability issue in the same way as those conditions inside the store can. In this case, the store owner may have been able to prevent the woman's alleged fall by removing the loose gravel from the parking lot.

Anyone who sustains injuries due to the conditions of another person's property may be entitled to recover damages including medical expenses and pain and suffering. Everyone should always exercise caution when walking by paying attention to the surface underneath their feet. But property owners also must be careful in removing dangerous conditions from their property.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Slip-and-fall filed against CVS," Whitney Brakken, Sep. 9, 2013

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