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Startling confession to drunk driving accident

Labor Day is the last holiday of the summer and many people use the long weekend to take road trips. Likewise, it is a popular weekend for friends and family to gather for one last summer party. Sadly, this usually means an increased number of deadly car accidents, many of which involve drinking and driving. Like all other states in the country, West Virginia has too many drunk driving accidents each year.

In an effort to curb other people from repeating his own mistakes, one man recently made a startling confession via the internet. Matthew Cordle, a 22-year-old man from Ohio, recorded a video in which he explains that three months ago he killed a 61-year-old man while drinking and driving. A couple of websites initially posted the video, and it quickly began circulating around the internet to other news websites.

Shockingly, Cordle made and released the confession before being charged with any crime. In the video, which lasts more than three minutes, Cordle confesses to running his truck into another car after a night of heavy drinking. He explains that he takes full responsibility for everything he has done to the victim and his family and he will not try to evade his punishment.

Cordle's video confession is an emotional plea aimed at trying to save future victims of drunk driving accidents. While his message probably will prevent some future accidents, it will not stop them all together. Moreover, it does little to help those people who have already died or sustained serious injuries due to other drunk drivers.

Under West Virginia law, drunk driving is not only a crime, but the driver can also face civil liability. People who are the victims of a drunk driver can file legal claims against that person.

Hopefully the tragedy of Cordle's message will make potential drunk drivers pause and reconsider their actions. In the meantime, victims and their families should pursue their legal options for recovery.

Source: USA Today, "Drunken driver confesses on YouTube: 'I killed a man'," Sept. 6, 2013

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