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Two people escape West Virginia head-on collision

The millions of people who drive their cars every day probably know that the roads and highways throughout the country can be dangerous. Standard safety features like seat belts and air bags save countless lives each year. While engineers and manufacturers have made strides in building cars that better protect drivers and passengers from the damage of an accident, no mechanism can prevent a negligent driver from causing an accident.

Most car accidents are a result of inattentive or distracted drivers not paying attention to the road and the people and traffic around them. This was probably the case in a recent head-on collision in West Virginia.

The accident occurred south of Kanawha County, in Mercer County. Deputies from the Mercer County Sheriff's Department said that one driver went through a red stoplight and crashed into another vehicle head-on. Rescuers transported two people to a hospital with minor injuries.

Like almost all other car car accidents, this one probably could have been avoided. When a driver takes his eyes and concentration off the road for only a second or two, the results can be catastrophic. Distractions like cellular phones, car radios and other people in the vehicle can easily lead to unsafe driving and accidents.

Under West Virginia law, a negligent driver is responsible for all of the damages that they cause to other people and their property. It is no excuse for a negligent driver to argue that they took their attention off the road for only a split second.

Driving is a privilege, and when someone abuses that privilege by shirking their duty to care for the safety of others on the road, they must pay the consequences of their actions. Fortunately, in this incident, no serious injuries resulted from the head-on collision. In many cases, however, drivers are not so lucky.

Source: WVVA, "Car Accident on 460 sends two to hospital," Kayla Lambert, Aug. 12, 2013

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