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July 2013 Archives

West Virginia mesothelioma patients may have new hope

Over the years, too many West Virginians have died from mesothelioma. It is a terrible silent killer that results from exposure to asbestos fibers. The rare form of cancer can take up to 50 years to develop in the body from the time that the victim inhales or ingests the deadly fibers.

Woman with spinal cord injury refuses to give up

West Virginians who have suffered a permanent disability know how difficult it can be to bounce back and reclaim any semblance of normalcy in their lives. On the other hand, some people are able move past such a devastating injury and improve their lives and the people around them. Such is the case for one woman whose story was covered in a recent article - she refuses to let her spinal cord injury keep her on the sidelines.

Car accident leaves one dead and two injured

For most residents of the Charleston area, driving their automobile is a firmly rooted part of their everyday lives. Because driving and riding in cars is so routine, people usually do not consider the dangers of it. Unfortunately, however, car accidents all throughout the state lead to injuries, deaths and millions of dollars in other damages each year.

W.Va. hospital equipment results in fatal accident

When a person goes to a hospital for treatment, they usually expect that the hospital's doctors and staff will do all that they can to help the patient regain their health. Sometimes, the patient's medical condition deteriorates, despite the doctors' best efforts. Other times, however, the hospital staff makes medical mistakes and the patient's health worsens.

Man sues West Virginia city over sidewalk fall

Recently, a man who tripped and fell on a West Virginia sidewalk settled his lawsuit against the city over his injury. While the terms of the settlement were undisclosed, the case illustrates some important points about the legal theory of premises liability.

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