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Driver who caused accident in Charleston was under the influence

Here in Charleston, we all know the dangers of driving under the influence. After consuming alcohol or taking drugs, a driver's vision can become blurred, and his or her reaction time can be substantially slowed. Because of the dangers this can present to others on the road, it is illegal to drive after consuming a certain amount of intoxicants. Unfortunately, despite a constant stream of statistics showing how many people are injured and killed each year because of it, people in West Virginia continue to drive while under the influence.

In fact, a serious car accident on Friday in Charleston was attributed to intoxicated driving, according to a local news report. Although there are few details about the crash itself, police say one driver confessed to having taken narcotics before driving.

Both drivers were injured in the late-morning crash, but they are both expected to recover. Police say the driver who was under the influence will likely face charges after undergoing a blood test. 

While both drivers in this car accident are lucky to have suffered only minor injuries, not everyone involved in drunk driving accidents is so lucky. Each year, thousands of people are killed or severely injured across the country because some people choose to get behind the wheel after drinking or consuming drugs. While we hope that these people will be deterred by the penalties that come with being caught driving drunk, victims of drunk driving accidents can also take matters into their own hands. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, a victim can not only obtain compensation for any injuries he or she sustained, but also ensure that all means of punishment are inflicted upon a drunk driver. 

Source: WOWKTV.com, "Accident in Charleston injures 2," June 21, 2013

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