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June 2013 Archives

Driver who caused accident in Charleston was under the influence

Here in Charleston, we all know the dangers of driving under the influence. After consuming alcohol or taking drugs, a driver's vision can become blurred, and his or her reaction time can be substantially slowed. Because of the dangers this can present to others on the road, it is illegal to drive after consuming a certain amount of intoxicants. Unfortunately, despite a constant stream of statistics showing how many people are injured and killed each year because of it, people in West Virginia continue to drive while under the influence.

Truck crash kills beloved West Virginia snow cone vendor

In any community, there are people you get to know. Maybe it's the owner of your corner grocery store or an elderly neighbor you wave to each day while walking your dog. Even if you never learn their names, small connections with the people around us are what make West Virginia neighborhoods and communities unique and special to those who live in them. Sadly, a West Virginia man who many people felt connected to through his summer business passed away after he was hit by a truck on Saturday.

Doctors see promise in new spinal cord injury treatment

Spinal cord injuries are among the most debilitating injuries anyone can suffer. They can lead to paralysis, loss of bowel control and other serious conditions that no one should be forced to live with. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are often difficult to treat, leaving patients with no other option than to adjust to a new and challenging lifestyle. Fortunately, researchers across the country understand the need for better treatments, and one doctor things he may have come across something promising.

Nitro woman killed, fiancé injured in Cabell County crash

Imagine you and your significant other are driving along a road in West Virginia when your car breaks down. You help your spouse out of the vehicle and look around to see if you can do anything to fix it. Suddenly, another car comes down the road heading straight for you. The vehicle crashes into your car, and both you and your spouse are hit. On the way to the hospital, you find out your significant other has died. Sadly, this is exactly what happened recently in Cabell County. 

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