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West Virginia known for strict enforcement of speed limits

According to a set of statistics, West Virginia has a relatively strict approach when dealing with drivers who choose to travel too fast on this state's roads. West Virginia tied with a nearby state for the ninth strictest state overall.

Looking at the report more closely, however, it seems that West Virginia's reputation for being strict can be attributed primarily to the fact that the state will not hesitate to enforce reckless driving penalties, which can include criminal sanctions like jail, for those who are driving well over the speed limit.

Representing victims of coal truck, logging truck accidents

The Charleston area and the rest of West Virginia have lot of coal trucks on the local roads and the major interchanges. This is not surprising since West Virginia is well-known for having lots of coal mines, and the coal industry is an important part of the West Virginia economy.

Likewise, with its many forests, West Virginia is a great source for lumber. With the harvesting of trees, however, comes a sustained presence of large logging trucks hauling cut trees to various places where they can be further processed into lumber.

What is the most common cause of spinal cord injuries?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a nationally renowned medical facility, the most common cause of serious spinal cord injuries is car and other motor vehicle accidents. According to the clinic, close to 50 percent of all spinal cord injuries annually are attributable to car accidents.

The reason for this is that spinal cord injuries result from sudden blows to the spine. Of course, the force of a car wreck can easily and severely damage the disc-shaped bones in the back called the vertebrae. These vertebrae, which make up a person's spine, among other things serve to surround and protect the spinal cord, which one can argue is the most important nerve in the body.

Diving accidents are one of the leading causes of paralysis

With summer in full swing, many residents of Charleston, West Virginia, and the surrounding suburbs are likely going to take to the area's rivers, lakes and swimming pools.

While swimming and taking a plunge in to the water is a lot of fun and a great way to cool off, it can also be dangerous when even experienced swimmers decide to dive in to the water. If it turns out the water is too shallow for diving, the swimmer can severely injure his spinal cord and wind up paralyzed after striking the bed of the pool, lake or river.

West Virginia coal miner dies in fatal workplace accident

A West Virginia miner, who was in charge of operating a shuttle for other miners going underground and then returning to surface, died when the vehicle he was traveling on hit some object that was made of steel. While the injured worker was taken by life-flight to a nearby hospital, he died from head injuries shortly thereafter. State authorities will continue to investigate this accident.

This is not the first time in the recent past that the mine operator has had a fatal accident happen on its watch. Just last year, another miner died in a fatal accident, which did not happen too far from where this most recent tragedy occurred.

Fatigued truck driving causes many truck accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the federal authority in charge of regulating truckers and other commercial drivers, around 13 percent of commercial drivers who are involved in a crash could be considered fatigued, or driving without adequate sleep, at the time of the accident.

This suggests that even though the Administration restricts how long a truck driver can stay on the road before taking a rest, there is an ongoing problem with truckers not getting enough sleep yet still trying to operate a huge piece of machinery on the roads of West Virginia and other states.

ATV accidents may result from negligence

Lot of people in the Charleston area and throughout West Virginia enjoy riding on all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, in order to take in the sights and sounds of the mountains, woods and trails of this state.

Unfortunately, ATVs are also dangerous. As open-air vehicles, they do not offer the same protections passenger cars do, and they are also prone to flipping or rolling over. Sadly, these accidents can be fatal. Even when they are not fatal, ATV accidents can still leave a victim with a serious and lifelong injury.

It takes some work to hold truck companies accountable

After a major trucking accident, an injured resident of West Virginia may need to look at a variety of different sources in order to obtain adequate compensation for their injuries. The reason for this is that because of the size difference between trucks and cars, the motorist in a standard automobile is often seriously injured following accidents with coal trucks, logging trucks and the like.

What this means is that a victim may need more money to cover things like medical bills and lost wages than what the responsible truck driver has available. In such situations, victims may want to seek compensation from the company that owns or is responsible for the truck involved in the accident.

We offer options for crime victims

A previous post on this blog discussed how West Virginians can reasonably expect that if they go on the property of a Charleston business, they will not get attacked or otherwise be the victim of a crime. While property owners in this state cannot be expected to stop all crime on their land, they have an obligation to take security steps when there is a reason to believe that doing so is necessary.

However, it is not always easy for a victim to win a case against the landowner of the property where they were attacked. The reason is that, as mentioned, not all landowners have an obligation to take security measures, as that depends heavily on specific facts and circumstances. Moreover, there is also a certain sympathy people might have for a landowner in such cases since they, after all, did not actually commit the crime.

Overview of inadequate security claims

This blog has previously discussed how Charleston, West Virginia, residents, whether they are visiting a business or even a private residence, have the right to expect that they will be safe from physical dangers while on that property.

If the landowner is careless, for instance, in taking care of their property and getting rid of hazardous conditions, then a victim of a slip-and-fall or other sort of injury can sue for compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other damages to which they are legally entitled.

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